Executive Board


Co-Presidents Ashley Ford and Alex Larson president@hainepto.org
1st VP of Volunteers Brandi Binder and Nina Greene 1stvp@hainepto.org
2nd VP of Publicity Laura Donaldson and Heather Robson 2ndvp@hainepto.org
3rd VP of Fundraising Brandi Binder and Sonja “Cookie” Jones 3rdvp@hainepto.org
Secretary Sara Hazen secretary@hainepto.org
Treasurer Michelle Little treasurer@hainepto.org
Parliamentarian Gwen Slater parliamentarian@hainepto.org
Technologies / Websites Heather Robson and Jason Reinhart webmaster@hainepto.org


Assemblies / S.E.E.D *OPEN* assemblies@hainepto.org
Beach Blast Colleen Tanner beachblast@hainepto.org
Book Fair Gwen Slater and Ashley Ford bookfair@hainepto.org
Box Tops *OPEN* boxtops@hainepto.org
Chick-fil-A Receipts Kate Pinardo chickfilareceipts@hainepto.org
Family Fun Alex Larson familyfun@hainepto.org
Family School Dance Colleen Tanner schooldance@hainepto.org
Fundraiser *OPEN* fundraiser@hainepto.org
Haine T-Shirts Laura Obyc    hainetee@hainepto.org
Holiday Shop Gwen Slater, Michelle Little, and Ashley Ford holidayshop@hainepto.org
Staples / Ink Cartridges Ashley Ford geink@hainepto.org
School Store Sonja “Cookie” Jones schoolstore@hainepto.org
Spirit Nights Laura Donaldson and Brandi Binder spiritnights@hainepto.org
Spirit Wear Erin Giambelluca spiritwear@hainepto.org
Staff Appreciation Brandi Binder and Laura Donaldson staffappreciation@hainepto.org
Yearbook HES and HMS Sonya Snow  and Leslie Brouse yearbook@hainepto.org